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At Chinchilla Family Chiropractic, we focus on supporting the community for a variety of areas of health and function.

If you have been considering investigating how to improve your function, movement or health, there is no time like now! Come in and see how we might be able to help.

Helen looks forward to welcoming you, and Dr Jane (Chiropractor, B.Chiro NZ)  will be motivated to see you reach your highest potential.

Here at Chinchilla Family Chiropractic we display a wide variety of safe, reusable and environmentally friendly products. We have a strong passion for delivering excellent Chiropractic care that aids in the healing and renewing of our body, our product range represents a strong parallel in promoting healing for our planet and our bodies. We are also passionate about supporting niche Australian companies which take care in the production of their products, we align with their goals in the fact that here at CFC we take care in researching products that serve a purpose within and protect our community. For this reason, we have consciously chosen to include brands such as Baxter Blue, BBBYO, Ever Eco, Tonic, Apiwraps and Ecococonut with supporting reusable products such as glasses for protecting the eyes against digital eye strain, glass and stainless steel bottles, heat packs, metal straws, bamboo cutlery sets, stainless steel lunch containers/snack boxes and shopping and produce bags into our lives and our practice.
We are also in strong support of correct recycling education and promotion, for this reason we have provided a hardcopy of the list of eligible beverage containers within the Queensland Container Refund Scheme and attached is a link for your own perusal.




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